Thursday, 19 May 2011

Budd Shepherd 'camping' on a tractor at Stewart Reservoir.

I camped on a tractor for two days at the very scenic Stewart Reservoir located five miles south of Amity, Oregon on highway 99W. The term reservoir is perhaps a stretch as it is more like a large shallow pond. (Although, it is visible from Google Earth! )
I suppose it was not so much camping as sitting on a poorly cushioned tractor seat and driving back and forth over 30 acres whilst attempting to make very straight rows, even though the soil was wet and compacted and I could not see where I had been. Planting sweet corn is not exactly fishing but I did see a Loon and another farmer showed up and did quite about of carping about the field man for the sweet corn company.
I really didn't actually have a camp dinner, but I had several chocolate bars over the course of the day and the farmer I was working for brought me a nice hamburger and a couple bottles of Ale when I was almost finished.
Anyway, I would like to support your new blog and as this is what I do and what I will do every day for the next week here it is.
I've sent a photo of the pond, I mean Reservoir, the oak wood lot, and some Killdeer eggs which I planted around and I'm sure the farmer will wonder why there is a divot in his field.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Introduction to yououtdoors

Yououtdoors is a blog where you tell me and the world what you've been up to.  Walking, backpacking, camping, bushcraft, mountain biking, kayaking etc. -its all welcome here!   
Here's how it works;

1) Send me your name, and where you have been/what you were doing to  This will form the title.

2) In the email send include a brief write up on your travels/activity (approx 2 paragraphs).  This will be posted above the photos.

3) Include 3 of the best photos of your travels/activity.

4) If you like you can give the address of your blog or website (optional).  This link will be posted at the bottom of the post to allow readers to follow your blog or read the full story.

....and I'll do the rest!